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I like to annotate the text, underlining passages, jotting down possible essay ideas, categorizing paragraphs thematically, and so on.

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This method doesn’t solely apply to papers about literary texts.

My final paper for my American Horror class focused on the characters Wendy and Jack in Stanley Kubrick’s film I used textual analysis to argue that Wendy embodies male, patriarchal characteristics, threatening Jack’s place as the head of the family, thus sending Jack into madness.

To reinforce my thesis, I tied in works like Edward Said’s .

In my papers, I view my secondary sources as a medium that allows me to converse with their authors.

At the end, I’d gather my citations in a works-cited list, staple the paper together, and turn it in.

In college, my well-oiled routine changed; my papers now consist largely of my own ideas and analysis.As an English major, I primarily focus on textual analysis—meaning that I examine words and punctuation in depth, with the help of the , to connect them to broader themes.Just as in high school, I use peer-reviewed journals from online databases in my papers, but now I avoid relying on them heavily.I wrote my last high school paper then: an essay on Shakespeare’s .In it, I wrote about Hamlet’s idealism and his relationship with his father postmortem; essentially, I made sweeping generalizations and focused on overarching themes. In high school, I started my essay process by researching scholarly articles on sites like , Emily Dickinson’s poems—and begin to craft an idea, which would then translate into a thesis.By Alice Yang In the month before my high school graduation, everything suddenly turned slow.Hallways, filled with Virginia humidity, had a molasses quality to them.So while I agreed with Said’s theory, I also addressed scholars who countered his argument.Likewise, I disagreed with Bannon’s thesis that Joyce was justified in his use of the orientalist aesthetic and laid out my reasons.I still engage with secondary sources and include works-cited lists and other kinds of bibliographies in my essays.After all, in higher education, where you’re surrounded by academics—who make a living from their original thoughts—crediting sources becomes even more important.


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