Essay On Computers Are Better Than Teachers

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Thanks to this, students can find the most accurate and updated information for whichever subject they are studying.Computers provide a lot of free reign to students, letting them stray from a teacher’s planned lesson or even access sources with wrong information.This leads to students who fall behind in class, fail to meet learning objectives, and even learn incorrect material.However, this is where having a great teacher makes all the difference.A teacher who emphasizes and expands on the information can help round out anything that is (or isn’t) included in a textbook.Students feel motivated when they’re progressing through their schoolwork.Reading a textbook gives young learners the chance to see how they are making their way through their lessons.Giving students the opportunity at a young age can help set them up for success in the future.With so much time spent on computers outside the classroom, one risk of computer learning is overexposing students.Students who use handwritten notes are better able to remember important teachings and lessons.This tactile (the sense of touch) experience that students get from reading a textbook and taking notes plays a key role in the learning process.


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    Computers are better than teachers. Why do teachers use computer if they're better? Computers store more information than a teacher can and computers can give more information than teacher. In addition, teachers might even forget some information but computers keep them saved so they can't lose any information.…

  • Is the teacher better than the computer?

    I think that teachers are better than computers. Teachers can solve problems, That are personal. They also bring opportunity, Because with a computer it can't change a due date. A teacher can be nice and let you slide until Monday. The last thing the teacher does well is she or he could help you hands on and you do lots of activities.…

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    What computers can't provide for students is face-to-face human interaction. more informative than classroom lectures; teachers already assign watching them.…

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    Also, Computers are becoming better at providing well-structured teaching materials and assessing student from their knowledge and skills. If students enter the results of exams or their weak points, computers can make decisions of students’ levels based on the data.…

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    Are computer teachers better than human teachers Essay. The students can learn some things that out of the books from the humanteachers. Moreover, they will care the students, they will care what do the students will do after school or do they feel happy or not. The humanteachers also can make friends with the students.…

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    IELTS essay sample Will computers replace teachers in the classroom. To conclude, a computer may be faster than a human being, but it is.…

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    Computers are becoming better at providing customized direct. But good teachers do much more than present information and drill the.…

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    Computers cannot replace teachers, however it is important that teachers in schools educate their students about using the internet and various.…

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