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I think we're all complicit in the banishment of the dead to the peripheries. And what about the formalities, the particular traditions and customs that are a part of the funeral?In some ways it is a culture that's based on convenience and cost efficiency. I think we act out things that are hard to put in words. It is really helpful on the day your mother dies or your father dies or, God help us, a child dies, to have a certain part of the wheel already invented.

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And we come away from these memorial events, these celebrations of life, with the increasing sense that something is missing. What is missing is the corpse: the thing itself, not the idea of the thing.

Are social changes the reasons that we are more fearful and reluctant to deal with death in our everyday lives?

He would have figured that out, but I think for him the funeral, the procession, was part of the process.

I think he was keenly aware of the fact that a good funeral is not about what we buy or what we spend; ...

What does your funeral home represent for this town?

In many ways we represent the place where whatever conversation people want to have about death and dying and grief and bereavement.The Milford location is one of six Lynch funeral homes in the state.This is the edited transcript of interviews conducted with hin during the winter and spring of 2006-2007.And my father did have a sense of formality and tradition when it came to funerals.He liked the idea that the culture had sort of organized these wheels, in some way liturgically, in some ways socially. Service is excellent and forms various forms of communication all help with customer service. This writer provides the highest quality of work possible.But he said, "When a death occurs, people feel so helpless, it's good to have some of these things already invented." He would have probably had a difficult way of managing some of the changes that we see nowadays.He would have thought much of it ridiculous and much of it sublime.Whether in the most abstract sense or in the most particular, this is a safe harbor, a place they can have that conversation.And oftentimes I'm impressed by how people will wrap their existential concerns about a dying parent in the prearrangement conference. And for those who are unchurched or unfamiliar in any tradition that gives them sort of the framework for this, a funeral home is still a safe place to talk about matters mortuary and matters of mortality.


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