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Immigration is the poor man’s escape, and here, it is not mentioned with a sarcastic note.It is indeed practical to work abroad, especially if you do not see any improvement in your country’s economic landscape.

Immigration is the poor man’s escape, and here, it is not mentioned with a sarcastic note.

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Immigration has become a big global issue, especially in the field of economics, trade, and business.

Population in some countries balloons because of immigrants, whether these immigrants are legal or not.

Immigrants also face bigger problems: underemployment and unemployment, abuse, not getting enough support from the government, and getting ostracized by society, mainly because they are seen as part of a minority group.

There is also separation anxiety and the challenge of finding a better job. If immigration is not all glitters and gold, then why do people still work their way to the bureau?

Some migrants say they left their country behind because of prejudice and persecution.

Others simply migrate because they are in search of adventure, or they just wanted a different place to live and retire.Families do not have to leave if the country is safe for them and their children.Despite immigration being a normal practice, the issue all boils down to the government not doing anything to address the situation.And who would be at the receiving end of this socio-political turmoil but the poor?This is why countries have resorted to reviewing their laws on immigration.Now, it is not that easy to migrate to the United States or to Europe.There are certain parameters to be observed, and a lot of papers to prepare. There should be a more stringent policy on immigration.There is cases where they have been treated aggressively by the authority.Everyone needs equality no matter where they are from....Why do they spend time preparing their papers and getting that flight to other countries and beyond? Immigration does not have to be the poor man’s escape if the government provides enough jobs for everyone.Breadwinners do not have to work abroad if they find high-paying jobs in their own country.


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