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A child is born, grows into boyhood, adolescence, youth, middle age and old age according to age and time. One cannot grow paddy in a month nor can a child become an adult in a year.

A child is born, grows into boyhood, adolescence, youth, middle age and old age according to age and time. One cannot grow paddy in a month nor can a child become an adult in a year. It is commonly said that time and tide waits for no man. It is said that it has neither a beginning nor an end.

Your challenge is to convince the reader that managing time is an essential skill to learn, one that anybody can improve.

Not only do you need to convey a sense of meaning -- you also need to make it interesting and relevant.

A man who is a part of nature cannot complain against time.

It means, by wasting time one is not harming others. Ordinary people merely go on thinking how to spend their time. Some people always complain that there is no time fort them to do anything. If one wisely plans his activities, there will be time for everything happening according to time.

Activities, when performed on time, will be fruitful, and the results will be great.

Time can also mean the point in time to which a person is referring.

The best proverb on time is “Time and tide wait for none.” It is better says by someone.

Everyone should understand the value and importance of the time.

Time is measured by the hours, days, years and so on. Time can also heal things whether external wounds or feelings.

Time helps us to make a good habit of organizing and structuring our daily activities. Time is that ultimate thing which we cannot measure.


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