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that’s an extreme example of how music can hit me on an emotional level. it’s one of the reasons i switched my major to composition.for less sorts of extremes, minimalism and post minimalism in general is something that’s always resonated with me.

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The first piece i ever heard in that realm was the third movement of Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint when i was a freshman in high school.

I thought it was the most amazing thing that i had ever heard.

As angry as that music tried to be, it was still within a particular comfort zone, still used mostly major and minor chords that went about their business in a predictable and comfortable way.

I wasn’t looking for music that made me comfortable, i was looking for something that made me uncomfortable, challenged what i was listening to, made me work for it.

life is all about missed opportunities as much as made ones, and if i miss out on this great band or that great band, well, that’s just how it goes.

the stuff that appeals to me now falls into probably three different categories: music that affects me on an emotional or a primal level, music that challenges my senses, and music that can do both.

it seems like a lot of investment for very little return.

So the reality is that if i happen to stumble upon it, awesome, but if i don’t, then oh well.

I remember that there were maybe 10-15 musicians on stage, one of them was one of the professors whose role was to hit a gong.

The piece started off with everyone playing a single pitch and playing slow rhythms.


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