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In 2007, a research conducted for children under the age of two in a Washington University on the effects brought about by the television and DVD/video viewing on their development of language.

Those children who watch television are more exposed to worldly knowledge and events of the nation as compared to those who listen to the radio programs.

Motion pictures on the young people has effects and thus should be dealt with seriously and immediately to avoid further forms of damage from occurring.

Non discriminatory consumers can help develop their skills through the watching of television commercials.

Value and styles portrayed in different television programs are easily adopted by young growing children.

A great concern has arisen over the fact that television viewing for young children is harmful to the child's language development, level of creativity, and rate of imagination.

Studies have been carried out to show how cognitive, affective, behavioral, and effects of physical nature come as a result of children watching television.

Children with the habit of watching television programs have developed cognitive, emotional, and physical effects.

Television watching can become addictive both to parents and children thus should be controlled at all times.

When the child turns on the TV set, his/her mind is on entertainment and not on the learning aspect.

They are eager to laugh, watch an interesting and enjoyable story, watch one of their many favorite television performances, and pass time as they await their parent's to come home.


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