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As her first name and maiden name are revealed, the reader subconsciously recognizes that she is the first woman thus far to have received a definitive name and identity, and she becomes a symbol of freedom for women and their desire for gender equality.

Through this important shift in female characterization, the reader can see the freedom women strived for without the restraints of social status, and the loss of this exemption brought about by oppressive marriages.

Wright was killed or many years before that when Mrs. “Trifles” has a climactic structure as is evidenced by restricted characters, locale, and scenes as well as a plot that starts very late in the story. The play is about her life, her struggle, and her crime. Wright could be considered the antagonist because he kept Minnie Wright from being herself.

Protagonist “Trifles” is different from many other plays in the fact that the main character of the play, is never actually seen. Antagonist In this play, the antagonist could either be Mr. He’s the one that caged her up, stripped away her happiness, and drove her to committing such a horrible crime.

the freezing of the cherries, which symbolized maternal nurturing and love, represents the destruction of Mrs. After finding the broken bird cage, the women discuss Mrs.

Wright’s pre-marriage charisma, and for the first time she is referred to as Minnie Foster.At 21 she enrolled at Drake University even after the prevailing belief that college make women unfit for marriage.But many don’t know that her work was only published after the death of her husband George Cram Cook. The play shows how male dominance was in the early 1900’s. She had a connection with the bird as the bird symbolized herself. Wright was a woman trapped in her marriage and her household chores as like bird was trapped in its cage.She lost her identify the moment she said “I do” as her husband (and all the men in the play for that matter) believe that the women merely become whom their husband is after marriage. The men are trying to find evidence to name a killer or motivation to name Mrs. While the men are downstairs, the women occupy themselves with looking around the kitchen and living room. Wright's canned fruit and the fact that it has busted in the cold weather. The men go upstairs to look at the murder site and leave the women downstairs. Wright was making in her famous "log Wright killed her husband and they hide the evidence from the men.The story could be considered as having began the day prior when Mr.The clutter, mess, and uneven stitches in the quilt play a role in symbolism as it portrays how women like Mrs. Peter’s are intelligent enough to uncover clues within the investigation that the men consider irrelevant and trivial.However, even after noticing some major clues within the kitchen (which also adds to the play as most investigations take place at the crime scene or police station), the women fail to the men of their finding and theories.All in all, the men conclude that women only worry about “trifles” and housework.It is in this way that the three men imply that the women are too small-minded and unworthy of dealing with important issues like that of the murder of Mr. Symbolism also plays into the message and themes at hand as the bird and the clutter further reiterate the male dominance and superiority towards women.


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