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The dyes used in tattooing typically derive from metals.

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It also is the first line of defense against abrasive activity due to contact with grit, microbes, or harmful chemicals.

Sweat excreted from sweat glands deters microbes from over-colonizing the skin surface by generating dermicidin, which has antibiotic properties.

For any form of armor, a breach in the protective barrier poses a danger.

The skin can be breached when a child skins a knee or an adult has blood drawn—one is accidental and the other medically necessary.

The skin protects the rest of the body from the basic elements of nature such as wind, water, and UV sunlight.

It acts as a protective barrier against water loss, due to the presence of layers of keratin and glycolipids in the stratum corneum.

This reduced circulation can result in the skin taking on a whitish hue.

Although the temperature of the skin drops as a result, passive heat loss is prevented, and internal organs and structures remain warm.

The skin, in its own way, functions as a form of armor—body armor.

It provides a barrier between your vital, life-sustaining organs and the influence of outside elements that could potentially damage them.


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