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While talking to Elizabeth-Jane about the matter, he referred to Farfrae as “an enemy to our house” (116).

Henchard was almost speechless because he realized that he would not have been as generous to Farfrae if their positions were reversed (227).

Despite accepting the shop that was given to him by the town, and the various acts that he had done for the sake of Elizabeth-Jane, once Henchard learned the news that Newson returned (289), he decided to keep Elizabeth-Jane in ignorance (323).

Henchard’s decision of not informing Elizabeth-Jane of the return of her father came back to haunt him when Newson met with Donald Farfrae which lead to Henchard’s departing from Casterbridge. This shows that, once again Hardy uses elements of Henchard’s character, such as anger and secrecy, to mold Henchard’s fate.

Anger, stemmed from an unhappy marriage at a young age, contributes to Henchard’s intolerable character, in combination with the intoxication of alcohol.

Essay Questions On Mayor Of Casterbridge Ericsson The Ways We Lie Essay

The fusion of anger and intoxication results in Henchard’s intensified emotions and exaggerated behaviour.If it were not for Henchard’s ill-temper, he would have lived the life that Farfrae had.Hardy goes as far as taking to the narration that character is fate and that “Farfrae’s character was just the reverse of Henchard’s, who might not inaptly be described as Faust has been described” (117-118).Henchard dismissed Farfrae’s kindness and later took the rivalry as far as to battle Farfrae to death.Henchard’s impulsive actions, built on anger, almost labeled him a murderer, thus, it would have further destined him into a more miserable life.This shows his stubbornness brought an aspect forbearance.However the same character traits also made him rely on a prediction from a fortuneteller becoming his financial downfall.The combination of emotional instability and an unhappy marriage had sealed the protagonist’s fate as he committed the transaction.This proves that one’s character determines their fate.Eventually, he set himself above the news and started to care for her once again.As atonement for the wrong that he had committed against his biological daughter Elizabeth-Jane, Henchard decides to care for Newson’s daughter.


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