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This tradition allowed generations to benefit from African literature despite widespread illiteracy.

This tradition allowed generations to benefit from African literature despite widespread illiteracy.Folktales, legends, verse, myths, and proverbs were preserved in the memories of the people and communicated by performance or simple recitation.As in other societies, myths in African culture explain the wonders of nature, provide creation narratives, and relate the activities of divine beings.

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His training as a military officer at Sandhurst has blinded him to compromise and taught him to perceive in the absolute terms of a tyrant.

In his mind, the longtime loyalty of his two friends seems to be evolving into treason.

He supplies the central motif and title for a speech later given by one of the main characters to a group of university students.

In the relationship between this Anglicized African and the tribal elder, Achebe illustrates that truth is not the exclusive possession of one civilization.

Achebe, for example, writes in the traditional novel form in a personalized way that draws from the deep resources of his Nigerian heritage.

In her book , Margaret Laurence observed that beginning in the 1950s Nigeria experienced ‘‘the flourishing of a new literature which has drawn sustenance both from the traditional oral literature and from the present and rapidly changing society.’’ Political Instability Growing up in Nigeria, Achebe saw for himself how disruptive social upheaval...At the outset of the novel, Achebe plunges the reader directly into an argument between Chris and Sam taking place at a cabinet meeting of government ministers.Only gradually during the course of the first few chapters does he fill in the background information necessary to comprehend all the implications of this initial scene.Rumors of corruption run rampant, and the chief of the secret police and the army chief of staff have become the chief of state’s most trusted advisers—an access enjoyed earlier by Chris Oriko, the Minister of Information, and Ikem Osodi, a poet, political thinker, and editor of the national newspaper.The friendship of the latter two men with His Excellency, or “Sam,” as they knew him earlier in their lives, reaches back to their days as schoolmates in an English preparatory school. During this interim, he published poetry, short stories, essays, juvenile literature, and a critical treatise on Nigeria and taught on university campuses both in Africa and in the United States.Author of probably the most widely read African novel ever written (, 1958), Achebe has been mentioned as a candidate to follow in the footsteps of his fellow countryman, Wole Soyinka, who received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1986.While Chris has since continued to advise his old friend on matters of state according to his own convictions, Sam has become increasingly autocratic and dependent on advisers anxious only to reflect his fears and suspicions.Ikem has stubbornly refused to betray his own social conscience in his editorials; finally, he becomes an unbearable thorn in the side of the fragile tyranny.All subsequently received their higher education in Great Britain.After a military coup thrust Sam into the position of head of state, Chris returned to help him form a new government in Kangan.


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