Essays On Why Shoplifting Is Bad

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If you do however manage to get a job you will be constantly monitored as if you were in prison.

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For the consumer who does not shoplift, they have the problem of always being suspected.

Because of shoplifting, some stores in my area do not allow minors to enter with out an adult.

Instead of staeling which will cause problems for you as shown, by my case.

You will feel better knowing that you worked your butt off to pay for something, instead of stealing it and getting it for free.

This shows how stealing is a habitual thing; and can lead into stealing much larger things; down the line.

After being charged with grand theft, and receiving a felony charge for the felony offense. Once this happens, it is practically impossible to get a job.Based on your research, create an outline, and then proceed to write the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay.“My fourteen year old daughter was arrested for shoplifting make-up this week,” said Marie, a working mother of two girls.You could do this by telling him not to, reminding him of the consequences, and maybe even threatening to tell authority if has to come to that.If someone ever asks you to steal you should know the answer is no way no how, because getting in trouble with law will mess up your entire life.“Is this just normal teen behavior, or is it something more serious?She’s grounded for a month and I’ve taken away her i Pod and computer privileges, but to tell the truth, I’m still in shock.As shoplifters steal for longer periods of time, and their shoplifting progresses as they start to steal bigger and more expensive items more frequently.As time goes they start to become involved with car shopping, stealing cars, and breaking in to houses.For the consumer who shoplifts, which is usually a teenager or senior citizen, the law affects them.No shoplifter will never get caught even though that is what most believe.


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