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The observation point selected was the back corner of the smoking section of Denny's.This ensured that the researcher had a full view of the smoking area, and that all actions and activities could be seen without a blind spot, thus ensuring that the researcher had a full field of vision in order to be able to work to carry out their observations for the purposes of this study.The first thing noticed about her was her winning smile.

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The field site chosen for the completion of this project was Denny's.

Observations were made at approximately pm on 12/5/2014.

She was wearing the Denny's uniform, consisting of a white button down shirt and black slacks.

At the table to the left was a homeless man, an observation that may be deemed accurate due to his continued presence on the same corner daily.

All three were wearing t-shirts; the first wore a Metallica shirt, the second an AC/DC shirt, and the third wore an Aerosmith shirt.

On the other side of the homeless man was a middle aged man.

The first person observed was the night manager at Denny's.

She was short, about 5'2' and of African American descent.

They were wearing sneakers of varying ages, some looked new, others not so much.

It was clear that they were worn for comfort rather than fashion.


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