Examples Of Critical Thinking Skills In Nursing

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PBDS evaluates a nurse’s ability to think critically in clinical situations, assessing ability to use clinical knowledge in real-world situations.

Research has shown that these instruments predict strength in critical thinking in problem situations and success on professional licensure examinations.

Decision-making and critical thinking need to happen together in order to produce reasoning, clarification, and potential solutions.

To advance nursing practice, it is necessary to develop and evaluate strategies to help new nurses develop these essential critical thinking skills.

Creative thinking, a combination of imagination and knowledge, can also be helpful in understanding solutions that have failed and coming up with new ideas.

There are many skills necessary to be an effective critical thinker.

However, considering the likelihood that problems unrelated to specific protocols may arise — such as a patient’s adverse reaction to medication or a newly reported pain sensation — nurses who are overly reliant on protocols may not possess sufficient analytical aptitude to properly address emerging situations.

For some nurses, analytical thinking comes naturally, while others struggle to grasp such concepts.


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