Francis Bacon Essay Of Youth And Age Analysis

Through his great imaginative powers, Coleridge has succeeded in capturing the joys of youth. So, here we find that using his imaginative skills, Coleridge has succeeded in capturing the helplessness of old age.

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Age might take a toll on your body but if you are young in your thoughts than no one should call you old.

Dew-drops are the gems of morning, But the tears of mournful eve!

In these lines, the poet says that when you are in your prime, everything looks lovely and you enjoy nature.

As a sensitive, young man he felt the charm of the natural objects and looked forward with the vitality of youth.

Unlike the rest of the stanzas we can see that here Coleridge is giving us the message of hope.

The poet is saying that life is only what we perceive it to be.So, the poet further consoles himself by saying that youth has not gone but its how we perceive this world.He refuses to accept the harsh reality of life that is old age.Flowers are lovely; Love is flower-like; Friendship is a sheltering tree; O!the joys, that came down shower-like, Of Friendship, Love, and Liberty, Ere I was old! Ah woful Ere, Which tells me, Youth’s no longer here! for years so many and sweet, ‘Tis known, that Thou and I were one, I’ll think it but a fond conceit— It cannot be that Thou art gone!Thy vesper-bell hath not yet toll’d:— And thou wert aye a masker bold!What strange disguise hast now put on, To make believe, that thou are gone?, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge is said to be his one of most romantic poems in which he presents a contrast between youth and old age.Through this poem, the poet has tried to explain how different these two stages of our lives are.In his youth, he was physically stronger and had an attraction towards nature and its objects.The poet says that love is like a flower and friendship is like a tree which protects you from all kinds of weather.


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