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bad…But nobody wants their French to sound choppy, right?Luckily, the French language has quite the catalog of transition words to help hold it all together.

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Let’s get to it and start adding these key ingredients to our nouns, verbs and adjectives.

How much do you really know about these words, anyway?

And let me tell you, the French love their transition words!

Not only do they keep you from sounding robotic, but they’re also the key to writing effective essays, understanding the literature you’re reading and improving (never stop! They may be little words, and you could ignore them and get the bare gist of things anyway, but you’re not that kind of learner, now, are you?

If your knowledge is looking kind of rough, make sure to study away using the methods below.

French Essay Words Thesis On Robert Frost

Transition words are sprinkled all over your French texts (you’re doing your reading, right? In order to fully understand what you’re reading, knowing transition words is the final frontier. With this in mind, use the words transition words to try and guess from context if you’re unsure.

It’s a useful piece of vocab when delving into French book series and films, and this transition word is obviously useful for continuing a series of events or directions you may be giving. It can mean “well,” “all in all,” “I mean” or “at least.” It’s a multi-edged sword.

Use it as a transition to an end or to make your conversational French more authentic. (I would like apple pie as well as two scoops of ice cream.)Getting into some more advanced vocabulary now, this means “just as.” This conjunction is useful when elaborating on something you’re already discussing. Translation: No matter what Quoi que ma mère fasse en cuisine, c’est délicieux.

Gauging your knowledge with a few quizzes before you delve into any topic is always a good idea.

You may even get a little confidence boost when you realize that you already know a sizable handful of transition words!


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