Freud Dream Analysis Essay

Freud claimed that there such a thing called "latent content" and that this was responsible for the visual- manifest content of dreams.

A further theory which he brought about referred to the symbolic meaning of dreams.

Therefore, there is more to dreams than the reaction to what happens to our body during sleep.

Now that humanity provided with a minimum key for the interpretation of dreams, the work in this direction could very well start.

Nevertheless, Freud underlined the importance of always contextualizing this process. However, in the case of people who suffer from various mental disturbances, they become even more relevant under the circumstances in which we know that person's past.

He declared that the interpretation of dreams could be used as a tool in the processes of psychoanalysis, together with practices of hypnosis ad free association.

While this may have seemed unusual at the end of the nineteenth century, the practice has become common in the meantime.

The consequence of or lack of interest is the fact that the input from the external world is reduced to a minimum level.

However, there are still stimuli which continue to act upon the human organism during sleep.

According to Freud, we fall asleep when our body becomes too tired to respond to the surrounding stimuli.

At a psychical level, we may speak about the absence of contact with reality and also with the absence of interest in whatever may be going on around us.


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