Global Village Essay

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This shows how technology can help build an individual and where Cameron saw no attention from his family, he saw from the camera. However, with Cameron we also see the negative aspects of technology when he breaks his back.

When this incident occurs Cameron rejects all interactions with that of the camera.

This is shown by how the global village has a negative effect on Gerry’s perspective of the children’s lives and how he changed from an observing role to an interloper in the children’s lives.

Thus, showing how the project of filming the children has become his raison d’erte.

However, FB can also negatively impact an individual’s values with in that of the global village as FB has inhibited face to face communication.

Thus, affecting our ability to communicate with one another face to face in our society.

However, both FB and M5C show hoe the global village can affect and shape the values of individuals.

COMPUTER HAS MADE THE WORLD A GLOBAL VILLAGE IN THE SENSE THAT. in fact some of the incidents affects the whole world whereas some of them are long lasting in the same environment such as the atom bomb little boy & fat man dropped in hiroshima and nagasaki of china still has its affect in that environment.

This is conveyed when Jesse is talking to Gerry and asks the question “Do you like your life? This has shown how Gerry doesn’t want to get involved with the camera and how technology in the global village can be changed, which can perceive an individuals perspective and thus, affecting their values in society.

On the other hand, Enright has shown how technology can positively impact and shape the values of an individual. Where Cameron at the start of the play was seen as a rude and lost kid, who we assume will turn out to be nothing in life ends up being an ALF superstar.


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