Guidelines In Writing A Research Paper

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Once you reread your first draft over and over and make the necessary changes you feel you should make, it is time to write your final draft.

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Take note of the information that will only be of help to you.

Try color coding your notes by topic and you can use highlighters for marking the beneficial details so you can find that specific topic very easily.

If you’re allowed, you can also photocopy an article or page from a book that you’ll need.

This is best if there is too much to note down on paper. Every time you note something down, make sure to write down the bibliographical information such as the author, the book title, page numbers used, volume number and publisher’s name and vital dates.

There are numerous books, published articles, journals and etc. Choose a comfortable place in your local library where you are away from distractions and you can focus on the work that needs to be done.

Try using the card catalog and computers available to make your search easier.If you have the freedom to choose what your research paper could be about, take advantage of the situation and choose a topic that you are interested in or a topic you are curious about.By doing this, it gives you motivation to do necessary research for it.If you aren’t familiar with what a research paper is, let me give you’re a rundown of the definition: a research paper is a form of academic writing that has theoretical and substantial information that has gone through the proper process of in-depth research.It could contain arguments based on a thesis with significant evidence from a variety of supporting and reliable sources.This is the part where your research paper starts to take shape.After your outline, you can start on your first draft.You can do more needed research if you feel like you’re lacking information.This is only the first draft, so you can still make changes as you go on.The process forces you to ask good questions, find the sources to answer them, present your answers to an audience, and defend your answers against detractors.Those are skills that you will use in any profession you might eventually pursue.


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