Holocaust Denial Research Paper

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Ali’s lawsuit, saying that he failed to show he was fired for anything other than the reasons given by the school district – not his race or his religion like he claimed.

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I had sent an email earlier in the year to the district about my study of how textbooks portray the Holocaust and officials there remembered my note. Ali, who was teaching students to question the Holocaust and who was also pushing 9/11 conspiracy theories. Ali was now suing the district for illegally firing him over his race and religion. Ali had first made headlines in September 2016 after a news station discovered several 9/11 conspiracy links on his school webpage.

After speaking with the Woodbridge district lawyer, I was sent several hundred pages of depositions, student work and lesson plans to review.

Many deniers claim the gas chambers could not possibly have killed as many victims as historical research shows, bolstering their arguments by highlighting discrepancies in the number of recorded casualties.

Others suggest that the gas chambers were built after the war as a way of extracting reparations from the Germans and/or to justify the creation of Israel.

Irving’s writings devolved into open denialism in the 1980s with claims that Hitler was unaware of the systematic extermination of European Jews. Irving’s contemporary Mark Weber also remains active in the movement as the director of IHR.

His defense of Zundel’s views and the Leuchter Report further confirmed his antisemitic beliefs. While IHR no longer publishes and Weber himself made waves with a 2009 essay advocating a shift in attention from denying the Holocaust to the “Jewish-Zionist power,” his website continues to publish and sell denialist material.

Irving filed the libel suit after Lipstadt wrote a book called “Denying the Holocaust,” in which she called Irving “one of the most dangerous spokespersons for Holocaust denial.” A British court ultimately tossed out Irving’s suit, finding that he had “persistently and deliberately misrepresented and manipulated historical evidence” in order to portray Hitler in “unwarrantedly favourable light.” Now here I was some two decades later, being called upon to serve as a witness against a schoolteacher trying to get his job back after being fired for doing essentially the same thing. I have also spent the past four years interviewing children and other grandchildren of Holocaust survivors.

My work shows how deeply members of the second and third generations feel the impact of the Holocaust in their lives.

Most notably, Zundel sponsored and published the Leuchter Report – a biased study of the chemical contents of gas chamber walls in Auschwitz – as part of his defense for spreading Holocaust denial material in Canada.

Author and self-described historian David Irving, himself a figurehead within the denial scene, testified on Zundel’s behalf.


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