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Dozens of students who came to my classroom at 15, 16, or 17 years of age could not write a complete sentence or a coherent paragraph. Starting in first grade, they were taught noun verb = sentence. So, here’s my first secret about how to teach your kids to be good writers. Another reason I believe young writers may struggle with writing is because they haven’t been exposed to good stories. I’ve used plenty of those, too, and listened right alongside my kids. It can be embarrassing to announce this to the whole wide web. It gives me some sort of authority on the topic—even if it’s just a sliver. Because it is a struggle to pen the words to paper. When my boys were small, all of their stories were dictated to me while I typed for them. We made them into books, and they could illustrate their stories if they wanted. And most importantly—no negative feelings about writing. Choose great stories that keep you wanting to read. If you can’t bear to read, don’t worry, you have an out—it’s called audio books.And as soon as I knew they were ready, my boys began editing practice with Daily Paragraph Editing exercises (and occasionally with our local newspaper). Elijah is also an excellent writer (fiction and nonfiction). Ami, if you don’t use writing curriculum, then what do you do?

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I am thankful we waited, and I don’t plan on changing it up for Simon. And I can hear the string of “but-but-buts” from the Midwest Homeschool Convention to the classical practicum trainings. You can find more ideas for writing on my Inspire Writing in Your Homeschool page.

Discover how Brave Writer helps kids of any age jump into writing at the right level for them. The Homeschool Alliance is the one-stop Internet community sandbox for home education.

“They’re fun, and they are helping me grow as a writer.” Writing is best done in some form of a group setting so writers can receive critiques and feedback on their work.

Since we don’t have a writing group of our own, Emma and I are going through this course together.

We have used so many writing programs over the years trying to find something that would combine Emma’s passion for creative writing with my desire to train her to write college-level papers. She turns her interests and life stories into stories that she may or may not ever publish.

I’m a blogger, and I just said “I’m not a writer.” I’m a chatter. I write as if we’re hanging out at the coffee shop talking about homeschooling and being moms. Em, 8th grade, has many notebooks full of short stories and the beginnings of novels.

Topics covered throughout this course include point of view, conflict, dialogue, theme, plot, and more.

The assignments throughout the course are clearly marked as to which ones are for everyone and which target the manuscript tract.


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