Introduction On Stress For An Essay

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However, most people do not like a total absence of stress either, at least after a while.Some people become highly anxious while others remain calm and composed.How vulnerable you are personally to becoming stressed out depends on a variety of factors, including your biological makeup; your perception of your ability to cope with challenges; characteristics of the stressful event (e.g., the "stressor") such as it's intensity, timing, and duration; and your command of stress management skills. The American Psychological Association's 2007 "Stress in America" poll found that one-third of people in the United States report experiencing extreme levels of negative stress.In addition, nearly one out of five people report that they are experiencing high levels of negative stress 15 or more days per month.Change happens all the time, and stress is in large part what we feel when we are reacting to it.We can define stress by saying that it involves the "set of emotional, physical, and cognitive (i.e., thought) reactions to a change." Thinking about stress as a reaction to change suggests that it is not necessarily bad, and sometimes, could even be a good thing.Generally speaking, people do not like experiencing the extremes of stress.This is true for each end of the spectrum of stress intensity, both high and low.Being "stressed out" is thus a universal human phenomenon that affects almost everyone. Generally, most people use the word stress to refer to negative experiences that leave us feeling overwhelmed.Thinking about stress exclusively as something negative gives us a false impression of its true nature, however.


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