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Five years ago, he came into possession of a stereo soundboard of a Hendrix concert at London's Royal Albert Hall from Feb. At the time, Brattin called the discovery “the most important Hendrix concert tape to surface in decades.” He was later featured in media outlets worldwide discussing the soundboard.“New material keeps coming out,” says Brattin, who writes regularly for European journals , publications dedicated to Hendrix.

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Instead, he used the resources of the recording studio to create something entirely new.” Brattin began building a Hendrix cassette collection during his undergraduate years at the University of Michigan, and took up serious study of Hendrix’s life and music in graduate school at Stanford.

At the age of 26, Brattin published his first review of a Hendrix biography for a newsletter.

They hope that the announcement of this new but endangered species will mobilize efforts to protect and conserve the remote region of Baja, Mexico, in which it and other rare plants are found.

The researchers—who have dubbed the tiny new plant Hendrix’s liveforever or Dudleya hendrixii—say it is in particular need of conservation.

“Jimi Hendrix was one of a number of musicians concerned about what people were doing to the environment,” he says.

Maybe, with that “bold as love” legacy in mind, the rock legend’s place in our culture will help to protect these rare plants for as many years as Hendrix’s music continues to play.

Dudleya species in general, Mc Cabe points out, are hardy plants—they don’t “live forever” as their name would imply, although they can survive uprooted without water for a year or more—but the new species’ restricted range makes it particularly vulnerable.

The researchers warn that the site could easily be damaged or even completely destroyed, like castles made of sand, by an off-road vehicle or tractor.

“Though many of the songs are unfinished, several songs are multi-tracked, and even highly polished.

The album will please old fans, and attract some new ones as well.” “Hendrix could do an extraordinarily wide range of things.


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