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Economic hard times have only accelerated the problem.Revenue from print ads has plunged, and even online ad revenue, which publishers had hoped would make up the difference, has slowed.Many analysts now believe this was a fatal mistake.

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Most newspapers, not wanting to be left behind, started websites in which they essentially gave away their most valuable commodity—their content—for free.

This model continues to be the predominant one in use today.

Websites like Craigslist have eaten away at classified ad revenue.

“The online business model just won’t support newspapers at the level Wall Street demands,” says Chip Scanlan of The Poynter Institute, a journalism think tank.

All one need is two hands, 10 fingers, a blank white screen, and a light source to create a magical "cinematic silhouette” of hand shadowgraphy.

Its history dates back to thousands of years ago in China.But even with television grabbing more and more audience and ad dollars, newspapers still managed to survive.Papers couldn’t compete with television in terms of speed, but they could provide the kind of in-depth news coverage that TV news never could.“They represented a great leap in communication delivery but it only lasted a year,” Scanlan says.“As they were whipping their horses into a lather to deliver the mail, beside them were these guys ramming in long wooden poles and connecting wires for the telegraph.When we talk about hand shadowgraphy, it remains us of the Madhya Pradesh tourism advertisement “MP ajab hain, sabse gajab hain.” As everyone was spellbound by the moving shadows of animals, places, and the heritage of Madhya Pradesh, his advertisement captured our hearts and minds to the magic weaved using the ancient art of hand shadowgraphy on our television screens.The men behind were two artists Amar Sen and late Sabyasachi Sen.“Load shedding, candle light, and the back cover of magic books,” expresses humbly the hand shadowgraphy artist Amar, “are a few things which I am very indebted to in my life.” He is also the founder of Academy of Magic Arts and Research at Kolkata, which plans to revive this art form.“Craigslist has decimated newspaper classifieds.” Indeed, that’s the conundrum facing newspapers and their readers.All agree that newspapers still represent an unrivaled source of in-depth news, analysis, and opinion and that if papers disappear entirely, there will be nothing to take their place.Opinions abound as to what newspapers must do to survive.Many say papers must start charging for their web content to support print issues.


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