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Watson describes it in A Study in Scarlet (1887), the initial Sherlock Holmes tale.Canonical and popular literature by Doyle, Margaret Harkness, Joseph Conrad, and T. Eliot, and the literature of social reform and urban ethnography by General William Booth of the Salvation Army and Jack London all display this inversion of colonial rhetoric.The public’s perception at this time was that the meatpacking industry feared these Acts.

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If Sinclair hadn’t taken on the assignment to write this piece for the newspaper, who knows what stance America would be in today.

Sinclair exposed factories and big business for the monster’s they were and America is better for it.

In Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, published in 1906, a sense of injustice towards the working class and need for socialism is present.

Sinclair intended to illustrate the vast majority of immigrants in Chicago at the turn of the century; providing details and examples of abuses in the meatpacking industry merely as a means of demonstrating their troubles.

Sinclair knew that when writing this piece, a piece that would change America forever, he needed to present it and write it in such a way that it would quickly grab hold of the reader’s attention.

Essentially, he created a new type of novel that America had yet to be expose to; naturalism.Sinclair knew that if he completely wrote with the socialistic views in mind that his book wouldn’t have made as big of an impact, but because Jurgis, the protagonist of The Jungle, doesn’t begin to side with Socialism till the end of the book, it is now easier for the reader’s to understand how much better socialism would be to them.Even a century after Sinclair’s book was published, it is still as important today as it was back then.It also provides a fresh tool for urban anthropologists working in our own fin-de-siècle.A highly original study of the connections between the rhetoric of colonialism and of metropolitan culture in turn-of-the-century Britain.Naturalism, as a type of literature, attempts to apply scientific principles and detachment when studying humans.In true naturalistic novels, there are two key themes that dominate this genre of writing: survival and futile attempts to practice free will. However, The Jungle is not a true naturalistic novel; there is just enough naturalism, though, to get Sinclair’s purpose and thoughts across.In this case, a solution is to right click on the activity, save it and print from your saved area.If your browser is Firefox, there appears to be a temporary bug which causes the activities to be reduced to fit the top half of a portrait page.Once the public had been exposed to this underlying secret within the meat packing industry, they rallied for immediate government intervention, which eventually led to the 1906 Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act.It also, however, led to a report issued the same year by the Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Animal Husbandry that refuted the worst of Sinclair’s allegations.


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