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If you want to include graphics, colored text or source code from a file into your document, you need to enhance the capabilities of La Te X. Some packages come with the La Te X base distribution. Modern Te X distributions come with a large number of packages pre-installed.The command to use a package is pretty simple: At the beginning of most documents there will be information about the document itself, such as the title and date, and also information about the authors, such as name, address, email etc.I'm using the Masters/Doctoral Thesis ( made by Vel, originally created by Steve R.

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Non-generic classes (those provided by university departments or publication houses) may have different options than those shown below or no options at all.But we'll be happy with the standard article class for now.The which instructs La Te X to typeset the document as an article with a base font size of 11 points, and to produce a layout suitable for double sided printing on A4 paper.The main difference between appendices and chapters, are that chapters are numbered starting with 1, while appendices start with the letter A.The contents of an appendix is identical to that of a chapter.Using this approach, you can only create a title with a fixed layout.If you want to create your title freely, see the Title Creation section.La Te X allows users to structure their documents with a variety of hierarchical constructs, including chapters, sections, subsections and paragraphs. It normally contains commands that affect the entire document.After the preamble, the text of your document is enclosed between two commands which identify the beginning and end of the actual document: You would put your text where the dots are.You put the title, author name, and date in curly braces after the relevant command.The title and author are usually compulsory (at least if you want La Te X to write the title automatically); if you omit the , the title will never be typeset.


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