Layer Farming Business Plan

Layer Farming Business Plan-67
There are many feed companies in South Africa which sell layers feeds.

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You can use the deep litter system or the cage system.

The deep litter system is essentially floor-based and entails the covering of the floor with bedding such The equipment required for a layers poultry egg farming business include drinkers, feeders, and nest boxes.

You should purchase your day old layer chicks or point of lay pullets from reputable and professional suppliers where the parent stocks are well managed.

Layers chicks and point of lay pullets from different farmers vary in terms of quality.

It’s much better to start by your layers egg production business in South Africa by buying point of lay pullets/layers.

These are 19-21 week old layers, which would have just started laying eggs.

Before you start a layers farming business in South Africa, there are some important decisions which you have to make.

You have to decide on the size of your layers egg production business ie how many layer birds you will have at your poultry farm.

You can start your layers egg farming business by buying point of lay layers or day old layer chicks.

If you buy day old layer chicks, you will have to raise them till they are 19 weeks, which is the time they will start to lay eggs.


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