Leaders Are Born Or Made Essay

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There are leadership theories to support this statement or to disprove this statement.

This idea is backed up by the trait theory which says that all good leaders are born with special traits that helps them become a good leader, and people with out those traits will not be able to become good leaders.

Once this is achieved then the leader could start developing one or possibly more successors from their team to take over from them later on. Introduction: The title of this essay is Counsellors are ‘Born’ not ‘Made’.

The purpose of this assignment is to discuss, and attempt to inform the reader of what makes a good Counsellor, or Therapist’s as they are often referred to. Or is it the possibility that both heredity factors, in addition to their education and life into action on strategies that others used in their paper. The Tipping Point: How Little Things of leadership have somehow become clearer giving us a broad idea about what leads to leadership.

Research from Wharton management professor Adam Grant and his colleagues reinforces this point.

Surveying employees and managers of a national pizza delivery chain, they found that When employees are proactive, introverted managers lead them to earn higher profits.

This is much more easy to learn therefore disproves the above statement.

Here I am going focus on behavioral leadership theories of 'Tannenbaum and Schmidt' and also 'Ouichi'.

As an example, Riggio notes that research has long shown that extraverts have greater leadership potential than introverts, but only extraverts with social skills (which are generally learned) emerge as leaders.

Without effective communication skills, extroverts are the bosses who can annoy you by not being able to listen well to the team’s ideas.


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