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Android, a mobile OS developed by Google, is the first completely open-source mobile OS, meaning that it is free to any cell phone mobile network.Since 2008 customizable OSs allow the user to download apps like games, GPS, utilities, and other tools.Mobile computing by way of tablet computers are becoming more popular. In 1998, 3G was introduced to provide faster data-transmission speeds to support video calling and internet access.

Android, a mobile OS developed by Google, is the first completely open-source mobile OS, meaning that it is free to any cell phone mobile network.

Users can also create their own apps and publish them, e.g. The Palm Pre using web OS has functionality over the Internet and can support Internet-based programming languages such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML, and Java Script.

The Research In Motion (RIM) Black Berry is a smartphone with a multimedia player and third-party software installation.

Parents may feel that excessive usage of such technologies distracts children from "un-plugged" bonding experiences, and many express safety concerns about children using mobile media.

While parents may have many concerns are, they are not necessarily anti-technology.

With the rise of mobile devices, families are becoming increasingly "on-the-move", and spend less time in physical contact with one another.

However, this trend does not mean that families are no longer interacting with each other, but rather have evolved into a more digitized variant.One of the most important features in the 4G mobile networks is the domination of high-speed packet transmissions or burst traffic in the channels.The same codes used in the 2G-3G networks are applied to 4G mobile or wireless networks, the detection of very short bursts will be a serious problem due to their very poor partial correlation properties.If wireless vendors do not realize these differences and bandwidth limits, future wireless customers will find themselves disappointed and the market may suffer setbacks.Increasing mobile technology use has changed how the modern family interacts with one another through technology.The users would then be forced to find a Wi-Fi hotspot to be able to download files.The limits of wireless networking will not be cured by 4G, as there are too many fundamental differences between wireless networking and other means of Internet access.In fact, many parents express approval of mobile technology usage if their children can learn something from the session.for example, through art or music tutorials on You Tube.All-new applications will come out with the new phones, one of which is an X-ray device that reveals information about any location at which the phone is pointed.Companies are developing software to take advantage of more accurate location-sensing data.


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