Naval Academy College Essay

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You will need to be focused and set clear goals for yourself.

Grades need to be a top priority, and you should take advantage of every opportunity to talk to Academy graduates and current members of the military.

You do not need a nomination for the Coast Guard Academy.

You should also see if you can claim residency in multiple districts (state and county, perhaps) as this would increase your chances of securing the nomination because you could ask multiple officials.

An offered spot in the Academy An offered spot in their prep school (for kids who fit what they are looking for, but need to improve their GPA) A denial If you don’t get in, RE-APPLY. Use the College Mapper Military Timeline to stay on track with all your tasks.

Go to a civilian university and join ROTC, go to a military school, or go to a Post Graduate year to improve your GPA. Military personnel exhibit determination at all times. There are many things that you can be doing to prepare yourself for the military and your application, as early as freshman year of high school: Whatever grade you are in, there is something you can be doing now to prepare if attending a military school is your objective.

Every little bit helps, and be diligent about asking people. Network with both Senators and Congressmen because they can only offer 10 nominations each.

Call their office and ask if they offer any events that you can attend, or if you can intern or volunteer there, or if you can just come and meet them sometime–anything. In the military, “Yes, Ma’am” and “Yes, Sir” go a long way.

The nominator will notify the Academy if you are selected, so there is nothing you need to do there.

(Note: Each member of Congress can have only 5 people attending the Naval Academy at any time. Line up 3 recommendations for your nomination during Junior year Many Academies like one rec to be from your guidance counselor.


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