Oil Gas Conservation Its Relevance Daily Life Essay

Oil Gas Conservation Its Relevance Daily Life Essay-22
Introduction Earth as we know it is an incredibly complex and fragile network of interconnected systems that have developed slowly over the last 4.5 billion years or so.From the ashes of the Big Bang this planet emerged as a mass of energy and elements.

Staying up to date on environmental news and reading comprehensive books about environmental threats are both great resources, but if you’re the type of person who prefers a more interactive approach, attending environmental seminars is a great option.

Our Awakening the Dreamer Symposium is an inspirational and informative seminar that discusses man-made environmental issues, while also instilling a sense of hopefulness for the future.

In order to keep their rainforest pristine we need to stop our dependence on fossil fuel and begin using environmentally sustainable resources.

The symposium makes a powerful point that the environment is in critical condition and while there is still hope to change our course, time is of the essence.

During the symposium a desire and urgency to become an environmental steward is inspired; the symposium appropriately calls this desire as being in a state of “blessed unrest”.

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Once the participant has into this state of “blessed unrest”, they are supplied with courses of action and resources to begin promoting environmental awareness in their community.Promoting environmental awareness is a crucial part of being an environmental steward.Start participating in the change and teach your community what it means to be sustainable.A good course of action that ensures your continued participation as a global citizen is to pick an environmental issue that strikes you as most urgent.The amount of environmental issue seems limitless and while they are all important it is best to initially focus on one cause.To define environmental awareness we must first understand the environmentalist movement.Environmentalism is an ideology that evokes the necessity and responsibility of humans to respect, protect, and preserve the natural world from its anthropogenic (caused by humans) afflictions.A 4-minute introduction to the experience that will transform your relationship to the crisis and opportunity of this time in history.Our Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, created by Pachamama Alliance, is an invaluable resource to help you become environmentally aware.Enroll in Pachamama Alliance’s free, 2-hour online course, Awakening the Dreamer, which will equip you with the education, resources, and community needed to take effective action in creating a new future that works for all.Learn More Section 1: Get to know the Four Questions that are the framework of the course.


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