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The trend has also resulted in a wide selection of online schools popping up to offer more varied online degree programs.More established traditional schools and universities such as Yale, Stanford and Harvard may still receive universal praise for their standing in education circles, but a lot of online schools are quickly establishing themselves as key players in the education spectrum.Instead of having only fleeting interactions with fellow students, you can retain the connections you make by adding them as friends as you progress through your program.

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However a closer look at both shows that despite the many advantages gained from pursuing a degree online, both mediums aren’t that different from each other.It is a mode that can be distributed via CD-ROMs or the internet and we have all at some point or another employed to get to grips with a new piece of software.This is the practice of incorporating technology as a means of facilitating learning amongst multiple individuals.The main disadvantage of CBL was the limited level of interaction kids had with their teachers who in some cases simply left them in front of a computer to their own devices.Sometimes called Web-based training, this is when training is carried out on a computer by way of specific programs.Common examples of CSCL tools include blogs, media sharing mediums, wikis and whiteboards.Some advantages of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning include its ability to increase student motivation, time saving as well as social interaction which helps develop critical thinking.However way you choose to look at it, the practice of e-learning can be split into three main categories: This is the practice of teaching with the computer as the primary tool to facilitate learning.It was hugely successful at tailoring the pace to individual students and was common place in the late 80s to early 90s.Over the years she has worked in industries such as healthcare, publishing and immigration technology gaining knowledge in brand design, UX/UI, e-commerce as well as marketing.On the side, Agnes is continuously expanding her front-end development skills.


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