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Our advancements in science have enabled us to create other things that we can test on, instead of harming innocent animals....[tags: Animal testing, Animal rights] - Animal Testing “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” (Johnson). treats their animals like disposable laboratory equipment, because during experiments animals are tortured, killed, and tossed in the trash.[tags: Animal testing, Animal rights] - Today, millions of animals are being tested on for the use of human products, causing them to fall ill and die, leaving them no choice but to be experimented on. Specifically, animal testing is a form of animal abuse and usually ends in death of a harmless animal.

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In the coming years, hopefully, more regulations can be passed to ensure that all animal’s lives are protected during experimentation.

- Animal testing has been around a long time, as back as the seventeen century in Harvey.

In an article titled “History of Animal Research” by Understanding Animal Research they talk about some events that had happen in the past in the United Kingdom with the use of animal in scientific experiments.

According to Understanding Animal Research, “In 1876, parliament passed the Cruelty to Animals Act, the first legislation aimed at regulating animal experiments” (para. This was when they had approved to experiment in animals in the UK; the day they had decided to take the lives of instant animals that have not done animal harm....

Animal testing is used for various reasons, from testing household chemicals to biomedical research.

115 million of living animals from mice to farm animals, are used in product and medical testings.

The testings occur at places massively involved in research, “at universities, hospitals, contract laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies” (Animals Used, PETA)....

[tags: Animal testing, Animal rights] - Animal Testing: Good or Bad.

On the other hand, how would you feel if someone sold you a product that has not been tested and could possibly kill you. From doing research, I have found a few pros along with cons to testing animals....

[tags: Animal testing, Animal rights] - Animals are often described as loyal companions that provide unconditional love and that bring joy into our lives, but yet we allow them to be subjected to harm for research.


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