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Advocates of divine command theory argue that justice, and indeed the whole of morality, is the authoritative command of God.Murder is wrong and must be punished, for instance, because God says it so.In his dialogue Republic, Plato uses Socrates to argue for justice that covers both the just person and the just City State.

Theories of retributive justice are concerned with punishment for wrongdoing.

Restorative justice (also sometimes called "reparative justice") is an approach to justice that focuses on the needs of victims and offenders.

The legal system, when looked at closer is not justice but instead - judgment.

You can be punished when found guilty, in a number of ways, but who knows if they’re “fair” punishments, it’s all a matter of opinion.

Similarly, a city has three parts – Socrates uses the parable of the chariot to illustrate his point: a chariot works as a whole because the two horses' power is directed by the charioteer.

Lovers of wisdom – philosophers, in one sense of the term – should rule because only they understand what is good.Hence, Plato's definition of justice is that justice is the having and doing of what is one's own.A just man is a man in just the right place, doing his best and giving the precise equivalent of what he has received.Thinkers in the social contract tradition argued that justice is derived from the mutual agreement of everyone concerned.In the 1800s, utilitarian thinkers including John Stuart Mill argued that justice is what has the best consequences.The possibilities for her life were endless, she could have lived to the old age of 95. They’ll be able to walk free at the end of their term, and perhaps few will remember them then and what they did. Because although the legal system is not always right, it needs that lofty ideal of justice as something to strive for, something to hope gets accomplished, the hope for every victim of a crime of any nature.The seeking of justice is a tiring and long quest akin to the seeking of truth, for they are closely linked and without one there may not be the other.Of course I looked “justice” up in the dictionary before I started to write this paper and I didn’t find anything of interest except of course a common word in every definition, that being “fair”.This implies that justice would have something to do with being fair. I could cite several examples where I thought a judge’s or jury’s ruling was not fair, but I won’t because frankly, we’ve all seen those.I thought that if one of the things the law and legal system are about is maintaining and promoting justice and a sense of “fairness”, they might not be doing such a spiffy job. I actually believe in our legal system and I believe in justice.I believe in justice as an ideal that we strive for and that is what it means to me.


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