Persuasive Essay About Volleyball

Persuasive Essay About Volleyball-9
From 1895 to now from Mintonette to the Olympics, volleyball has improved and has been almost perfected.The 21st century is one where people constantly fight for equality.

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But the Dentistry won’t let it lose, they win the 3rd set with the score 25- 27. The 5th set, the tie breaking, Dentistry win it, with 15 -11 score.

During the time-outs the crowd was clapping loudly and some of the college students were cheering taunting cheers at the opposing team. The crowd was so happy, and cheering for the winning team.

We also have to take into account the economic considerations.

At the highest levels, female sport has little publicity and smaller crowds.

The joy in the face of the winning players is unexplainable. Volleyball is truly one of the great All – American sports.

It has grown and developed a lot since it was first made up and changes are still being made. Volleyball has not hit such a great national level as it has in other countries and is not a sports gold mine like the NBA or NFL but maybe, hopefully one day it will be just as or more popular.

If there’s no desire to join the teams together, there doesn’t seem like there’s any reason to force this change through.

There’s also a significant difference in what boys play and what girls play.

It could even perpetuate a major salary gap between the genders.

If we look at the facts about biology, economy, and desire there’s no reason why teams consisting of men and women would be better than having separate teams.


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