Peter Pan Book Report

Peter Pan Book Report-9
At nights the children often dream of the magical island, Neverland, so they know about it.After one incident, Mr Darling banishes Nana to stay outside in the kennel because he wants to let everyone know that he is master of his own home, but that decision comes to haunt him for a while.

One night, Peter Pan returns for his shadow while the three children are sleeping in the nursery, and unfortunately Nana is locked outside the home. They find Peter’s shadow, but he cannot stick it back on and starts to cry.

The crying awakes Wendy, and of course she wants to know why he is crying. There is a lot of exchange going on between Wendy and Peter, and Tinkerbell is quite jealous.

Peter uses chicanery to get Wendy to leave with him.

Which child wouldn’t want to see mermaids, learn to fly and all the things that fairy tales are made of.

Wendy is confident that their parents will welcome them back with open arms, and she takes comfort in knowing that.

As the story unfolds, we learn about Execution Dock, Captain Henry Hook and his crew.One night while Peter Pan is leaving the children’s nursery, Nana, the dog who is the children’s nanny, catches Peter Pan’s shadow in its mouth.Mrs Darling examines the shadow and decides to roll it up and place in a drawer.Peter Pan allows us to think that we can make the impossible possible.We can conceive and believe something, but until we take action, nothing will become of our idea.Meanwhile, Nana is very suspicious and starts to bark.She ultimately breaks free and goes to the house where Mr and Mrs Darling are at a party.Peter Pan doesn’t want to live with the Darlings or any other family because that means that he has to grow up, which he doesn’t want to do.Back home, Mr and Mrs Darling are saddened by the disappearance of their children.The children are flying to Neverland which is far away.It’s very tiring, and they are sleepy, but how can you sleep while flying.


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