Phd Thesis On Ecocriticism

Phd Thesis On Ecocriticism-75
Recent graduates working in the cluster have secured tenure-track and postdoctoral fellowship positions at the University of Wollongong (Australia), Dartmouth College, and Columbia University.

In recent years, climate change has expanded from a scientific to a broadly cultural concern, fundamentally questioning ideas of nature, society, and ecology.

This thesis looks at the contribution of eco-art to the discussions, which seems to lag behind current discourses in ecocriticism.

By focusing on the body as a medium to recuperate humankind’s original affinity with nature, Miller and Durrell represent a powerful alternative to the pastoral tradition.

In my final chapter I extend my ecocritical reading of Modernist literature to Djuna Barnes and Claude Mc Kay.

But rather than promoting an idyllic return to nature, these authors primarily seek to unmask the artificiality of the pastoral enthrallment for the natural world.

Instead, they try to revitalize their contact with nature by drawing attention to the individual’s physically embodied experience of his or her immediate environment.Faculty working in the cluster include Timothy Morton (19th Century British literature and Culture, particularly poetry, Buddhism, Object Oriented Ontology, Contemporary Art and Music, Poetry and Poetics), Cary Wolfe (Modernism and Contemporary Literature, especially poetry, Animal Studies, Systems Theory, Pragmatism, Posthumanism, Modern and Contemporary Art), Scott Derrick (Gender and Sexuality, 19th Century U. Faculty and graduate students in the cluster regularly participate in conferences such as the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts, the Modern Language Association, the Comparative Literature Association, the American Literature Association, the American Studies Association, the Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900, the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment, the Western Literature Association, and many others, and several students in the cluster have organized entire panel slates in these venues. Literature, Border Studies, the Global West, Popular Culture, Feminism, Public Humanities), and Emily Houlik-Ritchey (Medieval and Early Modern Literature, including Spain and France, Gender and Sexuality, Transnational Studies).Claire Kervin Primary fields: twentieth-century American literature, the contemporary novel, environmental writing, ecocriticism, ethics [email protected] Neilsen Primary fields: nineteenth-century British fiction, ecocriticism and environmental literature, the Gothic, queer ecology [email protected] students in the BU Department of English complete a rigorous, one-year program, completing four seminars per semester.Ph D students complete eight more seminars over the next two years before proceeding to their oral exam and dissertation prospectus.The colleges and universities included in this listing provide a useful starting point, but they should by no means be considered the only schools whose programs are receptive to scholarship in literature and environment and the environmental humanities.This list is being updated and expanded as of September 2016.Rather than theorising relationships between "closed" objects, it introduces the idea of the "hyperextended object".Hyperextension describes the investigative expansion of an object into an ecological agent, unfolding it contextually according to its social, material, and energetic relationships.Their severe critique of western civilization suggests that for these authors modernity constitutes a crisis of culture.One of the major aims of my work is to define the crisis of modernity as an environmental crisis.


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