Philosophy Assignments

After leaving my classroom, they will eventually forget most of the content we studied together.

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Because students frequently struggle with this process, I review interview question drafts, suggest edits, and provide a resource guide (including examples of questions “before” and “after” revision).

Interview assignments bring philosophical dialogue to individuals outside the classroom.

The Philosophy Department's undergraduate major offers a broad spectrum of introductory and advanced courses including logic and critical reasoning, the history of Western and Asian philosophy, existentialism and phenomenology, ethical and political philosophy, and epistemology.

The Department's distinctive doctoral graduate program in Social, Political, Ethical and Legal philosophy (SPEL) trains graduate students in areas of value theory and places special emphasis on professional development and placement.

In this respect, learning to ask a philosophical question is like cultivating any skill, such as riding a bike.

While students will probably forget Kant’s second formulation of the categorical imperative, they will—I hope—retain the skill of philosophical question asking (even if it does get rusty without practice).

My first encounters with philosophy were through competitive debate in high school and college.

As a participant and coach, I engaged with ideas concretely through activities for acquiring debating skills and argument analysis in the context of specific, “real world” topics.

I fell in love with philosophy the first time I was transformed by a new idea and realized that I—and my world—would never be the same again.

In the philosophy classroom, my aim is to catalyze this kind of transformative experience for my students.


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