Plant Trees Save Earth Essay

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Planting them all would reduce carbon dioxide emissions from energy production by about 18 million tons per year and save consumers billion each year in energy costs. However, planting a tree is not quite as simple as it may sound.Without proper technique and care, a transplanted tree will die.

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When the bureaucratic nature of his occupation frustrated him, he struck out on his own.

Baker spent the rest of his life traveling the globe organizing planting projects and, in speeches and books, raising public awareness of the need for more trees.

Who organized 3,000 Kenyan warriors into a new secret society, Men of the Trees.

Who started reforestation projects in Nigeria, India, New Zealand, Palestine.

If in doubt, plant any native species that generally do well locally.

Reducing atmospheric CObuildup, it won't solve the problem, not unless we all turn into Johnny Appleseeds.

In many locations, the cooling effects of trees can be more important than their ability to absorb carbon.

Using landscape trees to shade buildings (and thus decrease the need for air-conditioning) results in CO, emission reductions that are 15 times as great as the amount of the trees alone can absorb.

Indeed, shade trees on the south and west sides of a house can lower its air-conditioning bills by up to half.

Cities are particularly important locales for new tree-planting efforts.


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