Poem London By William Blake Essay

And so we ask ourselves the question, who does this truth look beautiful to.“How the youthful Harlots curse Blasts the new born Infants tear, and blights with plagues the Marriage hearse”(lines 14-16).Having children at a young age and while being unmarried is an occurrence we see far too much of today in our own society.

Comparatively speaking, the most explicitness of those qualities in the image of London of his poetic texts has been manifested in this poem named in London whose shocking images and sounds in both explicit and implicit way has been believed to have been bearing the marks of the major chaos of almost all the social vices in 18 century England in relation to the sound bitterness of the mass at that time.

Therefore, the poem London that has been collected into the poetic collection under the title The Songs of Experience emerging at such a time that French Revolution has broke forth to astonish, irritate, and impel the whole world is one of the poems of William Blake that have been infused with or permeated into the textual texture the very kind of epochal typicality that is inclined to make it a microcosm of the social realities of England owing to the destruction of the wars at that historical moment as recorded in the following study of Stopford A.

For the part of poet, William Blake is one of those poets who have been endowed with those poetic prophecies, for he has been neglected for a long time before he has been impartially thought of as one of the best lyrical poets in the last 500 years just as what has been put in the critical essay of Alexander Gilchrist that William Blake’s poems have hardly known to those of his own generation not to speak of winning the popular flavor of the well-bred readers owing to his technical imperfection according to the specific academic views of Alexander Gilchrist, not until the present century it is do poetic scholars, critics and readers begin to understand him and his poems ( Gilchrist, 1880 ).

With respect to his poetic texts, London is one of those poems that have been typified with the critical transition from its textual unnoticed commonality to its he admiring singularity that have been catching the attentions of scholars and critics.

The truth that their mentality screams “no matter how hard they work and try, they can never earn enough to enjoy life, that rest comes with death, that money and power will always rule and that they will never rule anything.” As Blake writes in “The Chimney Sweeper,” “When my mother died I was very young, And my father sold me while yet my tongue Could scarcely cry weep weep weep weep.

Poem London By William Blake Essay

So your chimneys I sweep & in soot I sleep.”Keats writes, “when old age shall this generation waste, Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe Than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou say’st, ‘Beauty is truth; truth, beauty’ that’s all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know…” (lines 46-50), but Blake didn’t feel or see beauty when he wrote this passage, he only saw the “marks of woe” (line 4) within this truth of society.

This poem written by William Blake, is about life as he saw it in that time frame and environment of society.

In Blake’s, poem the reality or “truth” of young girls having babies out of wedlock, soldiers being killed in wars, and poor people struggling to make a living does not look beautiful to me.

In this sense, "London" is a poem about the universal human condition.

It would be impossible to paraphrase "London" into prose, for its poetic meaning derives from the ambiguity of connotative language and from the necessity of unresolved paradox.


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