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Lichtenstein’s decision to appropriate a scenario from a comic book marked a serious challenge to the Abstract Expressionism of artists like Jackson Pollock, which had dominated American art since World War II.Lichtenstein was in the vanguard of the Pop Art phenomenon, which was fascinated with industrial processes and mass consumerism.In the mid 1950’s his pop art appeared in England soon after in America, it continued to expand and grow in both countries through the 1960’s.

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one of his several particularities was that he hid his brushstrokes so they could not be seen.

In addition, Lithographs, screen prints, etchings, and woodcuts were some of the many techniques the artist used to produce a number of prints, and he often combined these techniques in a single print.

Looking at Beginning in 1962 Lichtenstein borrowed images of explosions from popular war comics for use in his paintings.

The subject embodies the revolutionary nature of Pop art and suggests the very real threat of annihilation by nuclear explosion that was prevalent at that time (the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred in 1962).

” Donald doesn’t realise that the fishhook – much to Mickey’s amusement – is caught on his own tail.

The image, entitled Look Mickey (1961), is bright, eye-catching and entertaining – but also playfully subversive.Something visually or if there are words to it – something that when it’s a painting and The majority of Lichtenstein’s work was made by stencils, therefore creating rows of over-sized dots, in result his paintings/prints would look like a huge mass publication product.He carefully prepared and executed his work; nevertheless he wanted to make his work look like it was machine made.He built an entire artistic career on deceptively simple works that appropriated from comic books, advertisements and pulp fiction – isolating, cropping or enlarging selected elements to create striking compositions.September 29 marks the 20th anniversary of his death: so what is his legacy, and to what extent has it endured?But Lichtenstein was also interested in the way dynamic events like explosions were depicted in the format of comic book illustration.This print incorporates many of the hallmastylised rks of his early painting style: flat primary colours, Benday dots, outlines and schematic drawing The pop art movement began in the early 1960’s, when Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist, and Jim Dim who worked independently of one another, together started painting, influenced by comic strips, commercial printing, and advertisement, the subject matter, commercial graphic designer techniques and references to mass production were dominant features of work by such artists as And Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenruist and Jim Dim, whom critics, curators and art dealers quickly grouped together representing a new art movement. Pop was the name given to this movement by the British critic Lawrence Alloway, and the name stuck to the categorization of these artists.was conceived by the artist in 1974, but fabricated about fifteen years later.It was part of a series Lichtenstein began in the 1960s in which human figures are deliberately made to resemble machines.Roy Lichtenstein a founding member of the pop art movement, played an important role in it, his art encapsulated the point of Pop Art and influenced modern art by leading the movement., firing a rocket towards his enemy plane, adding a dazzling yellow and red explosion to it. ” along with the caption saying, “I pressed the fire control...and ahead of me rockets blazed through the sky...” has added some interest in the painting. ” This appears to be a dramatic painting, where she prefers dying because of maybe her dignity.


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