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Macbeth's transition from the noble warrior to the power-driven ruler and Lady Macbeth's mental incapacity for her evil deeds driving her to suicide shows that even normal-folk when deprived of their humanity can perform acts of great horror.

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Introduction English Literature: Macbeth Extended Response, Term 3 2012, By Caleb Goh Final Copy Hypothesis: Dramatic relationships are often the site of power games between characters.

Discuss the significance of power, and the resistance to power, in Macbeth.

She is stroking his face, mothering him, which is her way of buttering him up for the evil plan she is to unravel, to kill the king giving Macbeth the chance to be in his position.

This sets the scene for the Macbeth's power hungry demeanour.

Believing he needn't do anything to acquire the throne he firstly addresses: "If Chance will have me king, why Chance will crown me king without my stir".

On notification of these events, Lady Macbeth, a lady intent on bringing fortune to her husband, remorselessly begins planning Duncan's (the current king) death.

It is interesting to note that Malcolm and Macduff do not resist regaining power as it is rightfully Malcolm? In some ways then, their purpose of attaining power is justified.

It remains to be seen, however, the type of king Malcolm will eventually become, and the type of subject Macduff will be to Malcolm, considering the prediction of Banquo? In conclusion, it is apparent that dramatic relationships are the sight of many power games, and the significance of power and the resistance to power can be studied by investigating the relationships between the several complex characters in the play, Macbeth.

predictions, but both react differently to the question of power.

The resistance to power is a temptation that is incredibly difficult to resist.


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