Praxis Ii English Essay

Praxis Ii English Essay-84
Do not write only in simple sentences with the most basic vocabulary. When writing an essay, gather a sufficient amount of relevant evidence.Evidence should include: reasons, examples, and details.

There are certain components of a good essay that apply to an essay written for any purpose. When writing an essay, always consider your audience.For example, if yours will be an essay of a When writing, use the most appropriate words for your purpose.If writing for children, for example, don’t use college-level words.On the PRAXIS, you will be writing for a well-educated, adult audience.When writing for adults, you must use a variety of sentence types and vocabulary.You will also find that you use the same knowledge and skill base to answer questions and to write the essays.To be well-prepared for both the question and essay sections of the test, be sure you are comfortable with each of the following areas of language and understand these standards of written English. Strategies for writing essays differ according to the purpose of the piece.The chosen evidence must further the purpose of the essay.If the purpose of your essay is to inform your audience about the dangers of not wearing a seatbelt, you wouldn’t want to give only your opinion as evidence.If the purpose of your essay is to inform, the rules for writing any essay apply.However, you’ll need to especially remember these strategies.


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