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There are many other strategies that can be used to solve this problem.

To get rid of illegal immigrants we only have eliminated the motivations why illegal immigrants are here in the first place.

Thus, laws must be passed so that illegal immigrants are denied medical, welfare and educational benefits which they are currently receiving.

Second, is to prohibit employers from hiring illegal immigrants.

Select students to read about each different group’s point of view on immigration and reforming the current laws. Citizenship and Immigration Services Sample questions from the Naturalization Self Test offer opportunities to view the types of questions presented on the citizenship test in an interactive format. Use primary sources to research the process and create a flow chart that documents the steps. Have students discuss the steps to citizenship and why they are important for those considering immigration to the U. Lisa Prososki is an independent educational consultant who taught middle school and high school social studies, English, reading, and technology courses for twelve years.

As you complete the section about each group of people, take 2-3 minutes to discuss their point of view and summarize their main ideas about illegal immigrants. Senate Hearts Appeal for Immigration Reform This video and blog examine the two differing sides of the current immigration reform debate. Pew Hispanic Center The site provides statistical information and studies about America’s Hispanic population and has specific links dedicated to immigration issues Have students learn about the steps are for becoming a U. Prososki has worked with PBS Teacher Source and has authored and edited many lesson plans and materials for various PBS programs over the past nine years.Immigration is not per se bad for the United States.The issue in this essay is whether illegal immigration, or the situation when immigrants enter the territory of a particular nation without authorization coming from the said country or having entered the territory of a particular country with authorization they either overstay their visa or violate the terms and conditions of their visa, is prejudicial to our country.Much of the basic costs go to warehouse expenses, shipping expenses, taxes, rent and retailer’s markup, all of which affect the price of basic commodities.Moreover, the most serious concern involving illegal immigration is terrorism.Another reason is economic as an individual may want to pursue better employment opportunities for himself and for his family.The last reason is the most common reason why since two centuries ago, the United States has become the haven for immigrants from different parts of the world.In this regard, Arizona, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Missouri should be emulated for passing laws that impose an obligation upon business owners to verify the legal status of all newly-hired employees since they can be punished by law for hiring illegal aliens whether purposely or inadvertently.Third, is to stop the issuance of driver’s license to illegal aliens or to refuse its renewal for those who have already been issued driver’s license.Students will: Each year millions of people cross the U. borders illegally in search of the American dream — a land of freedom and opportunity that can provide them and their families with a quality of life they cannot enjoy in their home countries. With many varying opinions about illegal immigrants, people on all sides of the issue are calling for immigration reform. Depending on the amount of time available for study, the lesson could be done in its entirety or Part 1 and Part 2 could be completed as stand alone lessons.Throughout the 2000s, Americans became increasingly concerned with illegal immigration, citing the rising cost of illegal immigrants and the strain they place on public services such as the education, legal, and emergency medical systems in the U. With some 11 to 12 million illegal immigrants currently residing in the U. and working in jobs that most Americans will not do, illegal immigrants feel they are a crucial part of the economic prosperity enjoyed by U. Everyday citizens, business leaders, and immigrants, legal and illegal, are making their views known to lawmakers in an attempt to spur immigration reform that will fairly address the problem of illegal immigration and provide a solution that is beneficial to all people residing and working in the U. Distribute the handout From My Point of View Part 1 to each student. Citizenship and Immigration Services Naturalization Self Test, have students answer the sample questions to see what types of knowledge immigrants must have about the country.


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