Problem Solving In Decimals

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Wrap-Up and Assessment Hints Mental math exercises are helpful in strengthening students' skills with decimals.

Ask students to tell how many decimal places are the product of pairs of decimals, for example, 0.6 0.09 (4 places).

For example, in the equation 4 • 5 = 20, 4 and 5 are factors.

Keep all zeros in the product when you place the decimal point.

Andy just sold his van that averaged 20 miles per gallon of gasoline.

Learning to multiply and divide with decimals is an important skill.

You can drop the zeros on the right once the decimal point has been placed in the product.

If the number of decimal places is greater than the number of digits in the product, you can insert zeros in front of the product.

You can easily see any problems they are having by checking the alignment of their numbers on the graph paper.

As with whole numbers, sometimes you run into situations where you need to multiply or divide decimals.


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