Purpose Of Review Of Literature In Nursing Research

Purpose Of Review Of Literature In Nursing Research-69
Conclusion: Conclusion is at the end of every major section b of nursing research.

The author is free to discuss the merits of the items within the groupings, analyze as well as compare the importance of each.

A writer should organize the body into various paragraphs corresponding to the field of nursing, different themes or the time periods in literature to increase readability.

It should clearly define the research topic, the scope of the paper (even the material that is not included) and writing style in which the writer will organize the review.

The writer should outline the critical debates and trends within the literature concisely.

Organizing topics and subtopic in a review of literature should be organized in groupings.

The groupings can be by subject (e.g., globalization of preventive care), type of research (e.g., case study), genre, methodology (e.g., quantitative or qualitative), chronology or the other common characteristics.A literature review is a short introductory section of the research report, article or policy paper focusing on the recent research.A review can be extensive of the relevant research if the research is for theses, dissertations and review articles.A good review of literature should be well organized in this format.The first paragraph is the introduction of a literature review.A literature review should have proper referencing in the format the nursing school or faculty requires.It will be incomplete without a list of references or a bibliography in the needed format after the conclusion.A literature review helps to map different the different approaches to a particular question while revealing the patterns.It forms a foundation for the subsequent research that an author of nursing research work will perform to bolster on the existing and justifies the importance of the new study.Please login by clicking the Menu item LOGIN at the top of the page or using the LOGIN form in the sidebar.A review of the literature (literature review) is an overview of the past research works on a topic that a researcher intends to study.


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