Reason Vs Passion Essay

Reason Vs Passion Essay-19
It may well be the start of relationships but also is known to have been the demise of one relationship for the sake of another.Reason, on the other hand, could hold us back from achieving goals.

These fundamental truths are the causes or “reasons” of all derivative facts.

For the purpose of the Power Tool, the definition to be used is: Sound judgement, good sense.

Underlying beliefs can take over (I couldn’t possibly get that job, start that business, win that championship).

It can also be the method by which our objectives are achieved.

While undoubtedly powerful, passion can change or burn out. By-products of passion are anger, frustration and resentment.

One might not consider the consequences of actions or even choose to ignore them.

Ration is now defined as a fixed allowance (of provisions or food, especially during a shortage) or an allotted amount.

However it is a word that is recorded back to 1550 meaning Reasoning.

However it could be an 84 year old wanting to build a raft and sail it across the Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore it is not always possible to predict the outcome or consequences of an action To only use reason and be truly objective, one would have to be impartial and not influenced by emotion at all.

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