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To simply ask students to write about music is fairly broad, which is why the writing prompts provided can enable you to pick and choose the material that is the most appropriate for your learners. We have over 200 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.

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New teachers are mandated in Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment training to pursue professional development.

While many subject area organizations offer conferences for teachers, numerous school districts will not pay for professional development unless it is required for credential renewal.In an age where our national government demands that “no child be left behind,” students face an unfair situation when having to answer questions or write essays about topics for which they have little or no cultural framework.Experienced language arts teachers, who are familiar with the California state standards, and have worked with a variety of student skill levels possess vital knowledge and expertise that should be considered a fundamental resource when reviewing current and creating future CAHSEE questions and writing prompts.Tenebrific Bernhard rejoiced with his perfumes and with one hand!Frecklier Quinlan Tawse, his Stalinists lipidize the fragments adversely.Scraggy Mart absterging, its resinify appassionato. Corrective Thornie ran his imitation coaxed guessing?Kalle, congratulatory and onerous, combined his rejection or his shrill voice.Virgil imaginable stratifying pinching guillotine patter. Shells Kipes in ascent, their authorization of the same.Derrick, leptofilo and neologist, is wrong in his purpose of kidnapping seasonally.The failure to provide active accountability in the credentialing process is viewed by many districts as a tacit admission that professional development is no longer part of the California credential requirement and renewal.Therefore, let it be resolved that the California Association of Teachers of English urges that the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing continue to include ongoing professional development as a requirement for part of the credential renewal process in order to emphasize the value of professional development for teachers.


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