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Include a brief history of your company and mention any top-level talent you have aboard to get your company off the ground. What will your company produce and how will it benefit customers?

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If you already have a clear plan in your head along with the steps you need to take and the means to take them, you may not see the need to create a 20-page business plan.

On the flip side, if your idea lacks clarity and you are considering seeking out funding from others sources, it would be best if you came up with a solid business plan.

Being overly technical and overly descriptive can add unnecessary copy to your business plan and keep readers from focusing on what really matters, like your company's organizations and how your product or services will sell in your market.

Good grammar and spelling are absolutely imperative in a business plan.

If you can’t narrow down your target market or find that they aren’t interested in what you are offering, that could be a huge red flag.

Be sure to clarify who you wish to serve along with some detailed statistics that describe them, their interests, what products and services they buy, along with and their needs and wants.

If you claim sales figures twice as large as the competition, for example, they may well think you're not being realistic.

A good business plan shouldn't have more than 25 or 30 pages, and many good one's clock in at 15 pages.

One missing comma or one misspelled word may be taken by readers as a sign of sloppiness.

Hire a professional business writer and copy editor to make sure you have a clean and error-free business plan - good writing and editing will get noticed by readers, and in a positive way.


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