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People that succeed in creating effective organizational change management do two things very well: First, they identify the change management techniques that get them results.

Creating a productive collaborative environment requires .

This was confirmed in a study of 15 large organisations conducted by Lynda Gratton from the London School of Economics.

The increased frequency and severity of extreme weather and climate impacts around the world suggests that urgent efforts are needed to better understand and manage such climate phenomena.

Importantly, climate change occurs in tandem with other global mega-trends, including population growth, urbanisation, habitat destruction, resource depletion, pollution of the oceans, environmental degradation, biodiversity pressures and burgeoning rates of species extinctions, among others.

In addition, the book will describe grassroots projects and innovative initiatives happening in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Pacific region, documenting and promoting the diversity of works taking place today.

The appraisal of present and future challenges and opportunities, framed within a context of climate change policy and management, makes this interdisciplinary publication a practical and profitable tool for teaching, research and policy development.

As a change manager, create the crisis, by creating the urgent case for change.

To create the urgent case for action, with your key stakeholders, ask and answer the following questions: First: Build organizational belief.

To illustrate why it’s important to create an interruption or crisis, consider this .

She conducted research with obese women, wondering how do our expectations impact goal achievement. The women with the expectation fantasy lost on average twenty-four pounds less than those whose expectations were that this would be tough.


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